Sale page

Welcome to our sale page for cards.
We hope you likes our presentation so far, and would like to inform you that you can include as many pictures and text that will fit on one card, and also like to make clear that we can provide background picture, or you can provide on of your own.The background pictures are at no extra cost.

We will cut out the person pictures that you provide to make it look like the photo are taken with the background.

Payment to be made to PayPal account:

Wedding Cards,Holiday Cards and more
Your choice of cards, Wedding, Holidays, Anniversary,Birthdays and more.

Price depend on how many pictures included.

1 Pic. $30.00 each card
2 Pic. $35.00 each card
3 Pic. or more $38.00 each card

Business Cards.
1 $35.00 each card