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I have a problem understanding that shipowners and managers buy expensive lube oils every month, when all they have to do is to invest in a system that cost much less than they use in a month consumption of lube oils and hydraulic oils. Everyone with some experience in the engine room of a ship, know that small leaks of water and fuel to the lube oil will destroy that lube oils very fast. They also know that all fuel injectors have small leaks of both water and unburned fuels that will mix in to the engine trunk lube oils in a short amount of time. Also hydraulic oils is one of the expensive running cost onboard a ship.

Yes I know many will state that purifiers will clean the oils and keep the consumption down, but that is only partly the truth, as it take long time, and very experienced crew to run properly a purifier, and to clean the oil system like a PURIFINER is not possible to do with a purifier. In addition a purifier are consuming more oil in the process.

I have 30 years of experience on ships of many types, but mostly passenger ships on management level. I know the problems with consumption of lube oils and hydraulic oils up and close. The last couple of months I was on two expedition ships that had the PURIFINER system installed, and I was very pleased to see how effective this system was to remove water and fuel from the lube oils. We had big problems with leak Injectors, and if we did not have this PURIFINER installed, the only solution is to change the lube oils, which would have cost a lot to do. This PURIFINER system has also another great advance comparing to Purifier. The system is running all the time, and water evaporate from system, not separated like in a purifier with the risk of loosing water lock, and then all the oil go right in the sludge tank. Also this PURIFINER system is cleaning the oil so much that over time is even better than new oil! Yes that is true, BETTER THAN NEW OIL! 

I was so impressed by this system that I investigated closer who sold this system and was able to get a agreement contract to sell the system on commission bases. I am a pensioned Norwegian Chief Engineer, and would not dream of selling a product I do not believe give what it promise. I know anyone who install this system and use it correctly, will save a lot of money on their ship running budget!

Just a warning in the end.
This system has been sold to many shipowners, and unfortunately some have used filter bought in Kina to save on filters. This is not a good practice, and can have negative effect on the results.






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