Do you need ship management who care about owners and their ships best interests? Do you have only one or two ships? Then you should contact us. We know that third party management companies sometimes not work in the interest of the owners. The simple truth here is that when owners have to pay a lot of money for repairs, the management make more money. Also not all the management companies take good care of the owners ships, especially if they have only one or two ships. We know as we have the on board experience with this.

We will take good care of your ship and equipment on board, and when doing this, save you trouble and unnecessary repairs. Why do we believe we can do this better you ask? Simply because we have spent long time working onboard, and know what the ship need of care and maintenance. We also love our job..

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Another service we give is to provide ship owners technical specialist to go on board ships that have been chartered out to other companies, and check the maintenance status on behalf of owners. This can be very important for resale value of ship when sold. Charters only spend minimum on ships they do not own themselves. Owners may get their ship back in poor condition.


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Another costly repair in connection with Main Engine repairs is the Turbocharger! Before going ahead with such repair you should check out our prices on spares and repairs.

Did You Know That The Turbocharger Give 75% Of Engine Power!

10% loss (Hardly notable) in Turbo performance is more then 10% increase of fuel consumption!

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It is sad to see many Cruise companies buy old Cruise ships and Ferries, and after a few months the ships have big technical problems. Before buying ships, one should always check the ship from bottom and up, not from top to bottom. Most look at the ships hotel interior, and forget completely that the most important with a ship is the technical status. Mostly we believe the reason is Surveyors lack of technical knowledge.


Ship and ship equipment evaluation survey can be a important money saving investment when buying ship or equipment or charter a ship. Often ship looses the charter and end up paying huge repair cost because of technical brake down. The money invested in such pre-charter or pre-buy survey can pay off many times over when investing money for future gains in shipping.


We have many years ship maintenance experience, and can give you the best evaluation of your investment before you buy or charter. We also give survey to evaluate for other purposes.

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